About the Annual Program

Started in 2002 as a component of the Capital Region Community Foundation, the Uplift Our Youth Fund has awarded more than $160,000 in grants to several community-based organizations/agencies that have been able to provide programs that benefit youth.

From the beginning, the Uplift Our Youth Fund – and now the Uplift Our Youth Foundation – has benefitted from the support of many community leaders in the Lansing area. Our Board of Directors represents a cross-section of our community, including business, academia, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The Annual Program that is hosted every year is a special time where we celebrate those organizations/agencies in our communities that focus on making an impact on our youth as well as award Grants to some of those organizations as well.

18th Annual Grant Award & Fundraising Event

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 at 7:00pm

2020 Youth Advocate of the Year

Cameo Lyn King


“Within every living creature therein lies a purpose.” As a global leader and native Detroiter, Cameo L. King stands on that mantra.

Her passion began in the nation’s capitol at Howard University where she earned her BA in Broadcast Journalism. She began her career in media as a reporter and anchor for Power 96.5 and 1320 WILS, and as a producer and assignment editor for the CBS affiliate, WLNS 6 News in Lansing, MI.

 Cameo became rooted in her commitment to grow local communities after having one of the most rewarding experiences of teaching a media course to a local youth organization. From there, her love of empowering individuals grew. She was promoted from a project director to serving as the Chief Operating Officer for One Love Global, a non-profit that responds to the social, economic and developmental needs of vulnerable children and families. There she forged partnerships across the state and city and worked directly with a cross section of diverse stakeholders to create sustainable community change.

 Cameo continued following her passion to help serve and cultivate the hearts and minds of the people in education. She continued her collegiate career at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary where she earned a Master of Arts in Urban Ministry Leadership.

 While pursuing her Master’s degree, Cameo founded Grit, Glam & Guts, a statewide movement that engages young girls with arts, civic engagement, and educational opportunities. In a relatively span of time, Cameo assessed the needs of girls in Michigan and expanded GGG from a one-day teen conference in Lansing to now include conferences for teen girls in Lansing, Flint, and Detroit along with semester long academic programming and a week-long residential summer camp in partnership with Michigan State University’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities. She is currently the CEO of Good Girl Radio, which is a podcast of confessions about flaws, faith, femininity & culture. It’s a national multi-media platform, known for touching the lives of women across the different races, incomes, and walks of life through the thought-provoking conversations that address some of the deepest, unabashed thoughts of the modern-day woman.

 Cameo also applied her communications and public relation skills in the public and private sector as consultant for local and national leaders and organizations where she translated complex policy issues into effective communications strategies and coordinated messaging strategies to advocate for improved educational outcomes for Lansing children and families. Through her work, Cameo has developed a unique skill set that has allowed her to garner support and partnerships from a cross section of sectors including faith-based coalitions, government municipalities, and elected state officials. She also continues to serve her community at every opportunity especially as a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated.

 Through her work as a journalist and service in the community, she was awarded the 2017 Lansing Chamber of Commerce’s “Ten Over the Next Ten” Award that recognizes the Lansing region’s top young professionals who are expected to contribute significantly to our community over the next ten years. The winners of the Ten Over the Next Ten awards are judged based on their professional achievement, community involvement and personal success. Most recently, Cameo was featured on the cover of the Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine for February 2020 sharing passionate words of her hopes for Black women and girls.

 But Cameo knows none of this would be possible without her faith. She exercises her love for the Lord at the Lansing Church of God In Christ as a licensed missionary. She firmly believes that there are no limits in life. She knows that through hard work, strong ethics, and faith in God, the possibilities for her life are endless.

2020 Spotlight of Excellence

Divya Reddy – Williamston High School

Students whose names are listed in the hall of Spotlight on Excellence have excelled in multiple capacities. Divya Reddy’s outstanding achievements have garnered this honor. Her English teacher stated that she is very conscientious about her work and expects the best product from herself. She dazzles with her ability to do challenging work, and she will take risk, such as joining in predominantly senior level class as a junior. In her writing and speaking she is consistently the voice of reason and able to look at multiple perspectives to situations. She further states that she has observed many students who possess a solid work ethic and are natural born leaders as they move through high school. What I have less frequently observed a student who inherently takes those same qualities and uses them for the good of others. Divya Reddy is one of those rare gems, and has the potential to make a significant impact on anyone she assists. Her academic achievements have placed her at the head of her graduating class. She has distinguished herself as valedictorian.

Other teachers echo their appreciation for her leadership abilities and true care she has for causes outside of herself. Her enthusiasm for helping others is evident in the organizations she joins. Her involvement in the Be Nice program, a mental health and anti-bullying initiative, and her role as a PAL (Peer Assistance Listener) exemplify her desire to help others.

Doctors at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center praise her volunteer support stating that Divya has repeatedly demonstrated her passion for learning, and her presentations have been an inspiration for other students and researchers in the lab. She is incredibly reliable, energetic, and hardworking in pursuing her research goals in the lab, and she has been a tremendous addition to the team. The research staff quickly came to appreciate Divya’s commitment and strong desire to improve the lives of patients.

Her involvement in Community Foundation’s Youth Action Committee further illustrates how invested Divya is in the projects she supports and the future she envisions for our world. Working with diverse populations, Divya serves as chair of the Youth Action Committee (YAC) of the Capital Region Community Foundation, a group of tri-county area teens who engage in philanthropy and grant-making. The YAC oversees the Youth Fund by carefully selecting grants to make in the local community. Divya also holds the position of Student Trustee, representing the YAC as a full voting member of the Foundation’s board of trustees. Divya was also selected to represent the local YAC at the state level in the Michigan Community Foundation Youth Project (MCFYP) committee which serves all the Youth Action Committees around the state. Divya has most certainly identified herself as a mature leader, a consummate scholar, and a compassionate person.

Past Award Recipiants


Grit Glam and Guts Programming - $2,000

Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center/Art Encounters - $2,000

Carol Greer Learning Center/School Support Program - $2,000

Building Child And Family Initiatives Stem Ahead Camp - $2,000

Capital United Way Capital Area Access Network/FAFSA Flocked - $2,000


Michigan Dyslexia Institute - $2,500

Kids Turning Corners - $2,500

Kids Repair Program - $1,500

Building Child And Family Initiatives - $2,500

Womens Center Of Greater Lansing - $2,500

Lansing Art Gallery And Education Center - $3,000

Lansing Spartans Youth Org. - $500


Kids Turning Corners, Inc. - $2,500

Building Child & Family Initiatives - $2,250

Capital Area Literacy Coalition - $2,000

Churches of Greater Lansing - $2,500

Lansing Art Gallery, Inc - $1000

Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center - $1,500

The Turning Point of Lansing - $2,250

St. Stephens Church Carol Greer Community
Learning Center - $1,000


Kids Turning Corners, Inc - $2000

Building Child & Family Initiatives - $1500

Village Summit - $2500

Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence - $2000

Eastside Community Center - $2000

Lansing Art Gallery, Inc - $1000

Gridiron Summer Institute - $1000


Building Child & Family Initiatives - $2,000

Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center - $2,000

Eastside Community Action Center - $1,600

Kids Repair Program - $1,400

The Carol J. Greer Community Center - $3,000


Boys & Girls Club of Lansing - $2,000

Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. - $2,500

Kids Repair Program - $1,200

Kendon Elementary School - $2,000

New Mount Calvary Baptist Church - $2,300


Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center - $1,400

Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. - $1,000

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan - $1,400

ITEC - $1,000

Kids Repair Program - $1,200

Lansing Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation, Inc. - $2,000

St Stephen's Community Church - $2,000


Kids Repair Program - $1,000

St. Stephen's Community Church - $1,000

The Turning Point of Lansing - $2,500

Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. - $500

Highfields, Inc. - $2,500

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Epsilon Tau Sigma - $2,000


Lansing College Access Network - $1,000

Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center - $1,000

Southside Community Coalition - $1,000

The Turning Point of Lansing - $1,500

Kids Repair Program - $750

New Mount Calvary Baptist Church - $1,000

Reach Studio Art Center - $750

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan - $1,000

Capital Area Literacy Coalition - $1,000

Northwest Lansing Health Communities Initiative - $1,000 


St. Stephen's Community Church - $1,200

Highfields, Inc. - $1,200

Dream and Vision Manifested - $1,000

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity - $1,500

Black Child & Family Institute - $2,000

Boys and Girls Clubs of Lansing - $2,000

Eastside Community Action Center - $1,100 


Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center - $1,500

D.A.N.C.E, Inc.

(Developing & Nurturing Community Empowerment) - $1,800

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region - $1,000

Eastside Community Action Center - $1,200

Closing the Digital Gap - $500 Black Child & Family Institute - $2,000

Capital Area Golf for Youth, Inc. - $1,000

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity ETS Chapter Educational Fund - $1,000 


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity ETS Chapter Educational Fund - $1,500

St. Stephen's Community Church - Community Outreach Center - $1,500

Antioch Cares Community Development Corp. - $500

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region - $1,000

The Turning Point Lansing - $1,500

Lansing Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation - $1,500

Northwest Initiative - $1,500

Black Child & Family Institute - $1,500

Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center - $500

Worship Without Words - $1,500


Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center – $1,500

Worship Without Words – $2,000

Antioch Cares Community Development Corp. – $1,000

Big Brothers Big Sisters Michigan Capital Region – $1,500

Ele’s Place – $1,500

Boys & Girls Club of Lansing – $2,500


Black Child & Family Institute – $3,500

MI Foundation for Education Leadership – $1,000

Inspirational Ministries – $1,500

Gateway Community Services - $2,000.00

Westside YMCA - $2,000.00